Exploring Your Pleasure

Have you found yourself at some point questioning:

  • Why don’t I want to have sex?
  • Why does it take me so long to orgasm?
  • Why aren’t my sexual needs being met and I feel so frustrated? HELP!
  • How can I connect deeper with my partner?
  • I’ve never orgasmed, am I broken?
  • Why do I feel lonely even when I am being sexual?
  • Is it okay that I have to use sex toys for pleasure?
  • What do other women experience in their sex lives?

If you have ever asked yourself questions like these, this workshop will support you to get to know yourself and your body better and help you to increase your experience of pleasure – in sex, but also in your life!

In every moment you are always at choice. When women get together with open hearts, something so magical and profound happens and we become teachers for each other.

We are going to experience the gift of women nurturing each other on all levels: eating together, cuddling, deeply sharing with each other, holding each other hearts and supporting each other.

For this workshop we are beyond excited to have Francoise Ginsberg, Ph.D joining as a Special Guest Facilitator. Francoise is going to share her Tantra expertise by offering 2 Pujas throughout the weekend.

In this fun, deep and expansive workshop you will …

  • Awaken your inner Goddess
  • Heighten your ability for pleasure
  • Honor and appreciate your body
  • Release shame around sexuality
  • Discover the secrets to multiple orgasms
  • Become friends with your desire
  • Learn the art of ‘Sensual Mapping’
  • Increase your understanding of female sexuality
  • Learn how to ask for what you want
  • Uncover the secrets of the G-Spot
  • Experience deep emotional intimacy.



Early Bird price is $674 (till June 15), Regular price is $773. We have scholarships available for those who may need it. Reach out to lyubavenable@gmail.com

Contact us

With any questions you might have, please reach out to Lyuba by email – lyubavenable@gmail.com or text/call (408)306-1977

Facilitators: Sarah Sandhill, she/her and Lyuba Venable, she/her

Sarah has been a Facilitator for the Human Awareness Institute and Sex Educator with over 20 years of experience. She coaches individuals and couples, specializing in relationship and sexuality issues. Sarah’s down-to-earth, nurturing style creates a safe space for women to explore and celebrate their sexuality and womanhood.

Lyuba is a coach, trainer and public speaker in Northern California. Through her open and vulnerable speaking style, Lyuba leaves audiences inspired, open to honesty, and interested in new possibilities. Having learned from Master Mantak Chia, Charles Muir, Somatica and the Human Awareness Institute, Lyuba marries multiple disciplines together in her online workshops.

For more information and to purchase a ticket, click here! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/exploring-your-pleasure-chapter-2-tickets-604397127077


Aug 18 - 20 2023


11:00 am - 4:00 pm


Cactus Blossom Retreat
11763 Alps Way, Escondido, CA


Lyuba Venable

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