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How to Lose Your Mind + Rediscover Your Joy: A Life-Changing Workshop

Are you tired of the constant chatter of your thinking mind? Do you long for moments of true inner peace and a direct experience of reality? You’re not alone.

Join us for a groundbreaking workshop, “How to Lose Your Mind Rediscover Reality” led by best-selling authors and experts in the art of mindfulness, joy, intuition and presence.

Discover the Path to Inner Peace

In this transformative workshop, you will learn the art of shedding the noise of your overactive mind and embracing the profound stillness that lies within.

🌼 The Science of Mindfulness: Best-selling author and neuropsychologist, Chris Niebauer, Ph.D. will present a short review of spirituality and the brain.

🧘How to Lose Your Mind: You’ll then learn practical, science-backed exercises to get out of the thinking mind and back to the direct conscious experience of reality.

🗣Interactive Q A Panel Discussion: Engage in meaningful dialogue about joy, purpose and presence with our experienced panelists.

🤝Get Connected: Share your insights with a community of like-minded individuals, learn from others’ experiences, and build a network of support.

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Oct 15 2023


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Cactus Blossom Retreat
11763 Alps Way, Escondido, CA


Chris Niebauer
Chris Niebauer

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